The Journey Program

The Journey Program is the AU equivalent of chapel at other Christian institutions. Through the Journey Program, we have the opportunity to emphasize our spiritual development as we learn to worship and grow together. Students, faculty and staff are given a variety of worship services, concerts, conferences, and creative presentations designed to introduce them to the person and work of Jesus Christ and to help them grow spiritually through engaging His presence in their lives.

Earning Journey Credits

During each semester, all traditional full-time students must attend at least eight (8) Journey events. Each event earns the student at least one (1) Journey credit of the eight (8) required to successfully complete the program. Each student in the traditional four year academic program will need to successfully pass eight (8) semesters in order to graduate.

Campus Worship Schedule


12jan10:10 pm11:00 pmClayton KingClayton King Ministries

19jan10:10 pm11:00 pmDean InserraCity Church, Tallahassee, FL

21jan10:10 pm11:00 pmChuck FullerAssociate Professor of Apologetics

26jan10:10 pm11:00 pmChad CampbellMt. Pisgah Baptist, Easley, SC

28jan10:10 pm11:00 pmLynneth RenbergAssistant Professor of History


02feb10:10 pm11:00 pmJames NobleVice President of Diversity and Inclusion

04feb10:10 pm11:00 pmKris BarnettAssociate Dean, Clamp Divinity School

09feb10:10 pm11:00 pmDante WrightAssistant Professor

11feb10:10 pm11:00 pmChanning CrislerAssociate Professor of New Testament

16feb10:10 pm11:00 pmFounders Day

18feb10:10 pm11:00 pmJose RondonUS Army Chaplain, West Point, NY

23feb10:10 pm11:00 pmEric RedmondMoody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL

25feb10:10 pm11:00 pmGreg AllgoodInstructor, Christian Studies


04mar10:10 pm11:00 pmCharlie DatesProgressive Baptist Church, Chicago, IL

04mar10:10 pm11:00 pmBecky WalkerCampus Ministry

09mar10:10 pm11:00 pmSpring BreakNo Campus Worship

16mar10:10 pm11:00 pmMike GlennBrentwood Baptist Church, Nashville, TN

18mar10:10 pm11:00 pmSharie KingClayton King Ministries

23mar10:10 pm11:00 pmAlex CampbellChrist Reformed Church, Anderson, SC

25mar10:10 pm11:00 pmTim McKnightAssociate Professor

30mar10:10 pm11:00 pmWayne BrayFirst Baptist Church, Simpsonville, SC


01apr10:10 pm11:00 pmLuke StampsAssociate Professor of Theology

06apr10:10 pm11:00 pmMaurice WatsonMetropolitan Baptist Church, Washington, DC

08apr10:10 pm11:00 pmJames HansonCampus Ministries

13apr10:10 pm11:00 pmHonors Convocation

20apr10:10 pm11:00 pmGilbert EyabiProfessor of Mathematics

The Gospel

World Icon

God created you to have a relationship with Him.

When God created the world, he looked at all He had made and said it was good. Unlike the rest of creation, He patterned humanity according to His own image so that they would be a reflection of his goodness.
Broken Icon

Our world now exists in a state of brokenness and sin.

Unfortunately, we often want to rebel against God’s will, which is called sin. Sin separates us from God and prevents any chance of living with Him in heaven. The penalty for sin is death in hell.
Cross Icon

There is only one answer for sin, forgiveness.

The Good News is that God provided each of us with an answer to sin, a chance for restoration and hope. In order to pay the price for our sin, Jesus died on the cross. God then raised Him from the dead, defeating both sin and death.
Bible Icon

Do you have hope? Have you placed your trust in Jesus?

Life in heaven is not something you can earn. It is a gift freely given to all who place their trust in Christ and ask for His forgiveness. Would you pray now and give your life to Him?

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